Per cominciare non mi viene in mente niente di più adatto di questa frase così sintetica, perfetta, soprattutto vera:

” Politicians are a lot like diapers: they should be changed frequently… and for the same reason ” (dal film ‘Man of the Year’).


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  1. Sabrina

    Hi, I was wondering if your blog was still active? I noticed that you have not posted in several years and I am interested in acquiring your domain name (“longstoryshort.wordpress.com’). Please let me know if you are planning on keeping this blog. Thank you so much!

    • hi sabrina,

      i’m actually not sure whether to keep it or not, there’s a project i’ve been working on for a few years and ‘long story short’ was supposed to be its name, but the project as switched a bit from the first idea and now i’m not so sure anymore… what are you thinking about?



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